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Gail Warner

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Pine Manor has been the vision of owner, Gail Warner, MA, MFT, who wanted a place to hold her own workshops and retreats, as well as offering it to others looking for a breathing space and a place to meet other wonderful people. Gail has been a psychotherapist and retreat facilitator for over 35 years. As a person who benefited from the healing aspects of retreats, Gail wanted to provide a space for discovery, rest, and renewal that support people on their own personal journey’s. She is the “dream weaver” who imagined a place for spiritual and psychological exploration. The ongoing weaving of that dream is what continues to develop and grow Pine Manor. Gail’s ability to give permission and encouragement has allow people to find a second “home” at Pine Manor. It is Gail’s heart-centered care that has held the space, along with many others who share her vision.

Gail is the facilitator of a Silent Retreat~ a 5 day retreat of personal reflection that is offered twice a year. This exploratory journey is housed in silence and is an opportunity to inquire about what matters to you. You will be able to follow the thread of your own growing edge through journaling, soul collage, sandtray and other creative means. This is a time to harvest your own internal wisdom. There are also opportunities to explore the natural world through nearby hikes in the Cleveland National Forest.

Several Soul Collage days are also held at Pine Manor throughout the year. These are one day events to connect with yourself and others through the process of shared wisdom through Soul Collage.

In addition to her work at Pine Manor, Gail also runs a private therapy practice in Mission Viejo. If you would like to contact Gail about setting up a personal meeting, please feel free to contact her directly.




Margo’s love for cooking is evident in her amazing capacity to offer a balance of flavors that dance in your mouth as you sample meals at Pine Manor.  She provides some of our ongoing favorite choices along with continually adding new items to the menu, so guest find a combination of old favorites along with new delights on the menu.  Some of the flavor has to be attributed to the care and love she brings to each meal. Margo’s warm smile and friendly presence welcomes people into their retreat experience as she pays attention to  their individual needs. Margo has blossomed into head chef and wears the mantle with dedication and heart.

Gathering with others around the dining table or outside around patio tables, sharing meals is an important part of the overall Pine Manor experience.  Margo’s talent and passion for cooking make this much more than often standard retreat food offering. Margo is able to flow with the special needs that guest brings in terms of food issues and preferences.  She accommodates those needs beautifully in most cases.




Pindey has offered his skill and heart-centered massage to retreat participants since Pine Manor began over 20 years ago.  He has always brought a kind presence, loving heart and healing hands to his treatments.  His respectful approach to each person has allowed many to trust the healing touch of massage, often for the first time. Massage is often the perfect compliment to retreat work, from silent retreats, to therapy retreats, to writing retreats and many others.  His ability to intuitively listen to each person, helps them drop into further connection to their own body and find renewed energy.  Pindey has also conducted workshops on Shiatsu here at Pine Manor and been involved in our Healing Art Fairs.  Guests look forward to booking “a Pindey massage”.   He is a gift to Pine Manor.




Tacho is invaluable to Pine Manor as a all around “handyman.”  He has many skills that we draw from. He helps manage the property and has helped with many building projects at Pine Manor.  Tacho’s son, David, was a special part of our staff until his return to Mexico.  Tacho brings his hard work, consistancy and kindness to Pine Manor.