What might be waiting for an invitation into your life?

Join us for a one day workshop to take time to step back and look at your life with interest and honest questions, with compassion and intention.

What might want to be welcomed?   In my own experience I invited ORDER into my year in 2014 and we became much better friends than I thought would be possible.  She has strengthened my focus and brought new freedom.  This past year, I invited BEAUTY into my life and she has enriched my life in ways I never could have imagined. What we tend, grows.  What we open to, changes us. Ask yourself what values or qualities you might ignore or even shut out completely because of some more limited viewpoint earlier in your life.  Who might you befriend NOW and how will that quality or value speak to you?  Let yourself be surprised.

New Year Reflection Day ~ January 2nd, 2016

from 9:30 am to 4 pm.


There will  be opportunity to review last year and learn:

           What mattered to you?

           What inspired you?

           What challenged you?

           What no longer serves you?

Then shifting to the New Year, you can ask:

           What will I invite into my life this year?

           What will I pay attention to?

           What will I cultivate?

           What will I respect and nurture?

This year the fee for this one day workshop is dependent upon what you can afford and what you’d like to give.   The minimum fee will be $35 and the usual fee is around $100.  If you want to contribute towards those who can’t afford this, you can add an extra amount.

 Paid in full by December 30st…for year end event

We do not want people to miss this because they can’t afford the day.  On the other hand, we are happy to receive full fee.  All funds beyond our costs for this workshop will go directly toward the completion of our three and half year project of transforming Pine Manor.

Saturday Workshop  +  extra time…Saturday evening and Sunday will be time for your own personal exploration that might benefit for more time and thoughtfulness…more time for creative processes.    Contact Gail for more information about this

To register:  email Gail @ catchgw45@gmail.com or call: 949-552-1633

Facilitater:  Gail Warner, MA, MFT
Gail is a seasoned facilitator who supports people to follow the thread of self-exploration with curiosity and compassion.  She weaves inquiry, SoulCollage®, journal writing, and sharing into the day and, of course, some poetry.

“Take what shows up on your plate and transform it until it feeds you.”  ~Ram Dass