With the demands of fast-paced lives, imagine what it would feel like to allow your body to be as free as seaweed moving with the current of the water. Often we become tense and disconnected from our bodies, the result being that we feel more cut off from our senses and the experience of being present in our bodies. Aquatic massage brings us home to our own bodies and the sweetness of BEING more at ease. We all need to let down at times and the water is a wonderful container to melt away stress.

Aquatic massage combines certain aspects of massage along with movement and stretches that relax and free the body from chronic holding patterns. Most people find this to be a relaxing and nurturing experience that is unique because of the added dimension of being in water. Some aspects of watsu, healing dance, and aquatic integration—all forms of water work—can be included.

Benefits of aquatic massage may include:

  • greater range of motion
  • increased relaxation
  • greater circulation
  • increased depth of respiration
  • decreased muscle spasm
  • enhanced immune system response

Sessions are available by appointment. Because the pool has to be heated, we schedule appointments on most Fridays and some Saturdays and Sundays.

Create an event!! Celebrate a birthday or have a getaway day with friends.

Plan a wonderful day with dear friends. Your friends can enjoy the grounds at Pine Manor, bring a book, or visit with each other while waiting for their turn in the water. We recently had four women hold a birthday celebration where each of them received an aquatic massage. They were delighted with their day and left feeling that this experience was a great way to celebrate a birthday.