Just Write Private Retreats

JUST WRITE provides a safe and inspirational setting to support you as you tackle the challenge of putting what you have to say down on paper … or down on computer as the case may be. Pine Manor is a space that ignites inspiration with its earth buildings, quiet spaces, and great food prepared with love. Step back and JUST WRITE.

You are invited to join us for anywhere from 3 days to a month or more to  work on whatever writing project is calling to you.. This space is for people who have trouble carving out the time to sink into the rhythm of their writing. Free yourself from the pulls of everyday distractions by treating yourself to this one of a kind writing retreat. Have you ever wanted a writer’s hut? You know, the kind Jane Gardam, George Bernard Shaw, Roald Dahl, Virginia Woolfe and many other writers created.


According to an unnamed source, a writer’s hut is a little place set aside from the hectic pace of home and business life. It might be an out building… a hut, a shed, an earthen building. It might be a room, set aside to JUST WRITE. Here at Pine Manor we have just such spaces. So, until you build your own, you can try ours out. You can see how it fits and borrow ideas…or learn what you would do differently.


Join us for JUST WRITE a retreat for writer’s to escape the fast paced pulls of life by setting aside time to be alone and yet together with other writers. Want to be in a safe and inspiring environment where you can drop down and find your voice? Want the space to get all that is inside down on paper? Then this might be what you’ve needed to help you take the next step with your writing.

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Pine Manor is a small retreat house that supports spiritual and psychological exploration. It is nestled in the Cleveland National Forest and has small earthen buildings that invite our connection to mother Earth.


Ranges from $75 per day to $140 per day…depending on accommodations and services.

To book a private writing retreat contact Gail Warner at 949-552-1633 or gail@pinemanor.com.