There is much to be grateful for at Pine Manor.   Three gratitudes for 2013:

1.   Transforming Space

Lorna and Kathi

Pine Manor is so grateful to Lorna (on right) and Kathi (on left) for there inspiring gift of transformation.  Lorna was at Pine Manor when Gail asked for some volunteer help to transform the bedrooms into something beyond collage dorm, not knowing that there was an interior decorator present.  Soon Lorna and Kathi (who work together ) volunteer to decorate, not one, but all of the bedrooms at Pine Manor.  In the past two years they have transformed all of these spaces. Click here to see!   Pine Manor has been touched with beauty that was born from the beauty in the hearts of these two women.     Gail and people who are a part of Pine Manor are so grateful!!



2.    Training Groups

Michael at a picnic 6-2011 (4)Michael Sieck, Ph.D has been training therapists for many years.  He has a remarkable training program and community called the Three Fold Way.  This gives different groups of therapists and other helping professionals opportunity to embody their own work, gaining knowledge a direct way about the therapeutic process from a perspective that is both somatic and relational.

This goes beyond what most learn in graduate school.  Jeff Turner, MSW is now assisting Michael in the training program.   This training helps therapists and therapists-in-training really know themselves and others in a way that allows them to be able to hold the work of therapy with more confidence and more compassion.

There is also a “Process Group” for those who only want to focus on their own work without necessarily wanting to be facilitators.

 Pine Manor is grateful to Michael for the work he is  doing and grateful for the wisdom and teaching he brings to Pine Manor.  Thank you, Michael!!   And thank you to Jeff, who brings his heart and dedication to learning to the weekends.    We are also grateful to the SRT students who have become part of the Pine Manor family.



3.    Meditation

The Round House has often been a place of meditation over the years.  This year two residents, Levi and Kat have tended the meditation space in the Round House by offering meditation and yoga to residents and neighbors on an ongoing basis.  This brings the gift  of connection with the deeper nature of our being and with all that is sacred.  We are grateful to Levi and Kat for their focus and for so many others who have brought attention to meditation here at Pine Manor.

Kat has also provided ongoing yoga classes.