Pine Manor is known for its sand tray collection. Gail and other facilitators have invited many retreat participants over the years to experience the unfolding wisdom of their own psyches through the building of sand trays.  Participants choose from a variety of figures—representing a multitude of feelings and life experiences—to build their worlds. These trays are witnessed by another person, or perhaps an entire group, as the builder shares what he or she has expressed in the tray.  Sand tray is a powerful way to connect with your own inner world and process the material that emerges.

Sand trays can be built by individuals or a “group tray” can also be created.  Sand tray facilitates an expression of inner knowing through the images that are placed in the tray and through the stories that are told by the tray. Over and over people are amazed at what emerges as they describe what they have placed in the tray.

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