SoulCollage® workshops often have a theme as a springboard into a world of inner choice.  You simply start looking through a heap of images and pull out the ones that grab your attention.  Then you start cutting and pasting those images on a piece of mat board.  It’s fine not to give it too much thought.  Just play with the images.  Artistic merit is not the goal.  When the collage seems finished,  you have time to speak from the point of view of the images. Your intuition is at work and your own inner wisdom is strengthened through this process.

The images have a way of connecting you with important aspects of your own essence. This unwrapping of the soul is filled with surprises and validation. The experience of seeing your own soul reflected in the cards you create is a moving experience. Witnessing the expression of others is a privilege. We don’t often have the time to get to know others or ourselves in such a deeply personal way.

Take the people and events of your life, stir in the richness of your own interior life, sprinkle in some inspiration from above, and mix with kindness and love.

And there you have it: a soul collage…

Here are some examples of soul collage with ‘I am one’ phrases!

the appreciator_edited-1

I am one who is forming.
I am one who is sculpting.
I am one who witnesses.
I am one who appreciates and feels appreciated.
I am one who is a tender plant.
I am one who notices beauty in what is sacred.

petals 001

I am one who can drop into stillness.
I am one who can settle into deep calm.
I am one who holds and is held.
I am one who know my imperfections are part of my beauty.