Peacock Room

The Peacock Room is decorated with a beautiful four-panel painting that helps bring in the sense of modern asian-inspired living. This is a large room that hold two twin sized beds and a fold out sofa which provides a third bed when needed.  The room has a large armoire and a dresser for clothing.  The Peacock room is accessible from the front patio, allowing just the right amount of privacy from the main house.  There is a small desk in the room for working on a computer or writing. 

A half-bathroom is located just outside the Peacook room for quick access and showering. This bath is some times private and some times shared depending on group size.

Guests who stay in the Peacock Room love it for the windows overlooking the front of Pine Manor and the “tucked away while nearby” feeling it provides. Many who stay here enjoy returning to the Peacock Room during down times and reflective exercises.