So many people can benefit from UNPLUGGING.  No media, no distractions, no phone calls, no daily LIST of things to get done.  There are so many benefits from having space and time to reflect: to find our own rhythm, to connect with the natural world, to really give time to let a thought or an inquiry unfold,  to find new perspective, to be in a nurturing environment, to share the experience with others.  A Silent Retreat at Pine Manor is a unique opportunity to befriend stillness and learn more about  listening with your heart.  Time will be spent journaling, going for walks, and meditating; there will also be time for exploring and expressing through Soul Collage®, art, visual journaling, and sandtray.

This retreat is housed in silence. You will have the opportunity to be present with yourself. The retreat begins with a time to set intentions for your time here and to simply settle into the shift from your external world to an internal world. This is not a meditation retreat in the strictest sense, although there will be time spent in silent mediation.  It is a time to listen to your own heart and to be freed of the demands of everyday life and the need to converse or interact with others. It is a time to connect with your own breath, your own heart, and your own awareness.