Pine Manor is a retreat space for exploration and healing located in the Cleveland National Forest. . . filled with a number of spaces for our guests to relax and call home while they’re with us. . .

We have the capacity to host 10 to 25 people. The main house has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and includes the “tree house,” which is a separate apartment with its own kitchen and bath that can accommodate 4 or 5 people.

Manor features a unique cluster of small earthen buildings that have been built by many loving hands to demonstrate the use of various natural earthen building materials and possibilities. The first small building, Cob, Sr. is made of “cob,” a mixture of clay, sand, straw, and water that is rolled into “cob” and used as building bricks. It is a delightful earth-building style that encourages builders to dance in the mud. In addition to the three cob structures on the property, we also have a straw bale round house and comfy cabin spaces.

Every building at Pine Manor exists to be enjoyed, whether they’re used for teaching purposes, gathering for relaxation, or meditation

Please explore our spaces to see which suits your needs best.

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