At the close of each year Pine Manor hosts a time for Year-End Reflection.

We have so many experiences in a year’s time. It is hard to even recall all that we have thought, felt, and done in one month, let alone a year. Yet it is important to step back and reflect on our journey. If we never reflect, we don’t really develop awareness that can lead us to more peace and more fulfillment.

Looking at your year gives you an opportunity to ask, What no longer serves you? What are the things you’d like to shift or let go of? It also allows you to look toward the new year and invite new perspective, new insight, and new intentions into your life.

There is time to reflect either on your own in silence with a journal or using sand tray or SoulCollageĀ® as paths of discovery. Some questions are always provided and can be used to guide you or not. Then there are times to share with others what you have learned. The sharing is often a time where authenticity and inner wisdom spills over and everyone benefits.